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Skylight International has been a family run business based in Govan, Glasgow for the past 25 years. We design, manufacture and install both standard and bespoke roof-lights to cater to our client’s different needs. Over the years we have manufactured skylights for a vast range of customers including; hotels, schools and residential properties. We work throughout the UK and Ireland; we’ve even done some work in the Scottish Highlands and Islands!

We provide patented, Secured by Design, Triple-Glazed (as standard) roof-lights for public, commercial and residential projects. We have a range of standard sizes, but we are also keen to get involved in any interesting concepts and create something completely unique.

Design is always going to be a collaborative process. First, a member of our technical team will discuss the design concept with the client and look at the ultimate goal(s) for the design. Sometimes, this is based on U-Value and eco-performance; sometimes the goals will be purely aesthetic. We recently had a project in which the architect had drawn a ten-part Ridgeglaze, however after a chat with the home-owner, it became clear that she really wanted as little structural detail as possible, so we changed the glass specification in order to allow us to create it in just two parts.

With our Tiree project below, the client was keen to create something resembling a glass ceiling, and after we collaborated our ideas, everyone was extremely pleased with the outcome. (More information about this project can be found in numerous magazines including Homes and Interiors Scotland).

We always prefer to install bespoke roof-lights our self, however with standard products we offer supply only or supply and delivery. We provide fitting kits so your builder or joiner can fit the roof-light if they’d prefer. Our lead times for bespoke products are generally 6 weeks from date of order. For standard products, we will have stock, or offer a two week lead time.

Even though fitting a skylight can be a very small job (sometimes taking only one hour) – it makes a massive difference to the surroundings. It instantly enlarges and lightens any room – it can provide five times the amount of light that a wall window can! It creates a vocal point, adds value to any property and can be installed on just about any roof. Many benefits come with the installation of a skylight, and we would only be too happy to speak to you about it. If you have any questions or would like to look at some of the work we have done please don’t hesitate to contact us through the following outlets:

Phone number : 0141 445 6655
Office address: 75 Birkmyre Road, Govan, Glasgow, G51 3JH
Email Address:
Twitter Address: @skylight1988

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