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Framing Your Windows
By Nicky Silk of Silk Interiors

After choosing your furniture and wall coverings for your house, you may think that a room is finished. But what about the curtains or blinds? Yes, you could keep your existing set, but will they do your new room justice? If you have gone to the trouble of redecorating and/or remodelling your furniture, surely you deserve to finish that room off in style with some fabulous window dressings?

We may not all have lovely fields at the back of our houses, but whatever the view, a well chosen fabric made into curtains or blinds will enhance that view. If it is a much sought after view, a plain fabric can act as a picture frame, so your eye is not distracted. Of course, you may wish to hide or disguise a less pretty view, and perhaps a roman blind or voile curtains would assist with this.

Custom made curtains and blinds may cost a little more than those found on shop shelves, but the difference in quality can be immense. Even the big names in retail don’t always have the high quality finish you should expect. So why not pay for a personal service, and know that seams will be finished properly and that the curtain will fit perfectly. Any good curtain maker will visit your house and measure up, discuss exactly the kind of finish you are after, and what type of header you want. And with you choosing the exact material that will fit your new style, what a great way to complete a room.

Whilst it is tempting to finish your room quickly by using old curtains that don’t match the new décor, or buying a cheap set off the shelf, with a bit of forethought you can put that final touch of style to a room. You may find your curtain maker has a few weeks lead time, but that shows that they are in demand – a pretty good sign. And for the length of time that you live in your room, this will soon be just a distant memory.

Nicky Silk has been helping families add those special finishing touches to their homes since 2006. Spurred on by successfully designing her own daughter’s curtains, following instructions from an article, Nicky attended a curtain making course at West Kent College and found that she had a real flair for creating beautiful window dressings.

Since this time, Nicky has been helping clients from as far afield as Ramsgate and Hackney, although most of her work comes from within a 20 mile radius of her Tonbridge base. Indeed, she has many repeat customers, who have come back not only when they work through their house, but also when they move. This shows what a great service that Nicky provides.

As well as curtains and blinds, Nicky can offer many soft furnishings that will help create a homely feel. She has made beanbags, cushions, noticeboards, lampshades and even drawstring bags in varying sizes.

To view some of Nicky’s work, please access either her website, Twitter feed, or Facebook page, all detailed below. Sign up for her monthly newsletter and receive her latest news and special offers of home furnishings. Or indeed call Nicky to discuss your requirements.

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